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Liberty Student Creates Life-Like Baby Dolls Used For Therapy And Play

on October 31 at 06:14 PM

Like many little girls, sophomore and Family and Child Development major Megan Bodek grew up loving baby dolls.

“When I was seven, my mom found a baby doll on eBay, but it was different than others — it looked extremely real. Just like a real baby,” Bodek said.

This baby doll, known as a Reborn, ignited a passion in Bodek to collect these special dolls before her imagination led her in another direction. 

 “My price range is anywhere from $350-650. Normally, the process is about a week to make a baby,” Bodek explains. “During the summer, when I have more time, I can usually finish a baby doll in one day.” 

Doodle Head Nursery features a wide variety of baby dolls, giving buyers the option of a made-to-sell doll or a custom Reborn. 

“Sometimes I’ll just buy a kit, and make the doll how I choose, and then put it up for sale,” Bodek said.  “Other times, people will message me wanting a custom doll, explain what they are looking for, and I’ll give them a price estimate.”

Whether the doll is custom or not, each one holds a special purpose.

“It’s a long process, but I truly enjoy it,” Bodek said. “And the backstories of the customers that order them make that process really special and worthwhile.”

The dolls are therapeutic for many, an element of her business that Bodek loves. 

“Some people, like me, are children buying the Reborns because they have a love for dolls. But the majority of my customers are middle to older aged women. A lot of older women buy Reborn dolls for therapy after a miscarriage or being unable to have children.”

Many customers love the dolls because of how realistic they are.

“In nursing homes, they will give these dolls to the women to hold,” Bodek said. “They don’t just look real, but they feel real. It is very therapeutic.”

Bodek’s heart to minister to the elderly is displayed through her creative endeavors with Doodle Head Nursery, bringing the gift of comfort to customers in the form of a baby doll. 

“I can’t lie– sometimes I forget when I’m holding one of the dolls that they aren’t real babies, and I even start bouncing the baby. They are so calming,” Bodek said


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