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Foreign bars implement strict policies and prohibit bringing fake id into bars

on January 27 at 09:44 AM
Bouncers have to deal with a lot of sh--, so they don't want to let in anyone who could potentially cause a problem for them."If a dude looks like an a who is going to get in a fight, he’s not getting in," A.G. told us. "If a girl stumbles in drunk and looks like she’s going to vom everywhere, she’s not getting in."A.G.'s bar had a strict policy not to take fake IDs, an approach that worked out well for the bar's bouncers who were mostly college students themselves. "Everyone knows who we are," A.G. explained. "You see the people at the bar the next day on campus, so last thing you want [is] peers saying you took their fake california drivers license or [that they] gave you money."

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