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The Gasoline Engine Power Sprayer is Mainly Used in Agricultural Work

on April 06 at 06:25 AM

The gasoline engine power sprayer mainly includes gasoline engines, water pumps, chemical tanks, spray guns, lift motors, lift fans, nozzles, and brackets. The gasoline engine outputs mechanical energy to drive the water pump, and output electrical energy to drive the motor. The fan surface of the lift fan is basically parallel to the ground to provide lift and reduce the operating weight of the operator.

During the operation, the operator does not need to carry the gasoline engine and the chemical tank on his back. The operator holds the support, adjusts the direction of the spray gun, and then starts the operation. The transmission distance of liquid medicine and electricity is not limited. The personnel no longer need to carry a large number of heavy objects, which greatly reduces the weight of the carrying.

This new type of gasoline engine power sprayer further reduces the workload of operators. Only need to manually transport the operating rack to the designated location. Due to the multiple nozzles, the operation efficiency is improved, and it has the advantages of low work intensity and high efficiency.

The main application areas are agricultural work, car washing work, and watering of objects.

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