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Let's find Isabelle together

on May 31 at 06:02 AM

Animal Crossing: Isabelle in New Horizons is a cute dog. Her role on the island is no less than Tom Nook. It is a helper that any player wants to have. As long as she becomes the resident service staff of the island, you can communicate with her and get a satisfactory response to any questions about the villagers, the theme of the island, and the things that add new tricks to the player.

Let's take a look at what needs to be done to find Isabelle!

First, we need to help build a Nook's Cranny. After spending a few days on the island, we will receive a letter of help to build a retail business. So we need to prepare items in advance. 30 pieces of wood, softwood and hardwood, and iron blocks. Then choose a place and you can have your own shop on the island.

Because Isabelle is an enthusiastic sister of the neighborhood committee, a few villagers are needed to serve and manage her. Three new faces are our lowest goal. Buying Nook Miles Tickets at the Nook Stop terminal is what we must do. Go to the desert island, talk to them, and invite them to your island. Of course, we can also collect some things from the island to bring back at this step. Even if it is not necessary, it can at least help us obtain some Animal Crossing Bells.

After the invitation, contact Tom Nook and prepare to welcome the arrival of three new faces on the island. Prepare a place for them to live, and make good furniture.

Isabelle is a capable worker with outstanding business capabilities, and he also needs a good company. So waiting for the upgrade of the Resident Services Department and relocation to the new building, the new plaza, and the Resident Services Building will be enough for this special guest to join our island.

Although Isabelle's is not as direct and effective as the help brought by Buy ACNH Bells, she will be an indispensable part of the island. From the result that so many players like her, we can see her popularity and the help she can bring. The process of finding her may need to wait, but don't worry, we make preparations and she will come.

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